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The PC-3000 Flash is a hardware-software system intended for recovering data from all NAND based devices (USB Flash Drives, SD, MS, xD, MMC, CF, VoiceRecorder, iPhone etc.) in such cases where there is no access through the authorized drive interface.

The PC-3000 Flash can make low-level diagnostics and repairs of SSD drives in technological mode.

Data recovery from USB drives, memory cards, mobile storage devices

The PC-3000 Flash is based on our own "know-how" technology of getting direct access to Flash memory microchips. The microchip is desoldered from the storage device and read by our special device – the "Flash reader" – providing access to data when the controller is damaged. This technology greatly increases the chances of successful data recovery even when the storage device is physically damaged.

The PC-3000 Flash contains an up-to-date large memory chip database that allows you to identify and read microchips in automatic mode. Complicated stack organizations which consist of several parts are automatically detected by the PC-3000 Flash as well.


NAND microchip technology is constantly changing: microchips are becoming more high-tech, new principles of functionality are created and new requirements and protocols for microchips appear, for example, TLC microchips. Because of this constant change, the Flash Reader software is continuously updated to provide support for new microchips in accordance with the strict requirements necessary for correct functionality.

The PC-3000 Flash is capable of automatically checking and downloading the latest libraries via the Internet:

  • Memory chip library
  • ECC algorithm library
  • XOR library
  • Library of Analysis algorithms, preparation and research methods
  • page format library
  • supply circuit library

If there are any new resources, they are downloaded from the ACE Laboratory server and updated.

In addition to a great variety of manual and visual modes, the PC-3000 Flash has automatic data recovery methods which help solve both simple and difficult cases. For example, in most cases, Complex analysis allows for making all prior operations automatically and get access to user data.

With the PC-3000 Flash, you can recover data with "one-click" using the PC-3000 Flash Global Solution Centre. It is a dream come true for data recovery specialists!

The Global Solution Centre is updated daily!

The list of controllers supported by "Global Solution Centre" can be reviewed here


THE PC-3000 Flash Kit

  • PC Flash Reader - 1pcs
  • LGA/TLGA-52 adapter (14x18) - 1pcs.
  • BGA-152 adapter - 1 pcs.
  • Circuit Board adapter - 1 pcs.
  • Connectors Set - 1 pcs.
  • USB 2.0 Defender Cable - 1 pcs.
  • PC-3000 Flash Software - 1 DVD
  • User Manual - 1 pcs.

The PC-3000 Flash Kit

LGA/TLGA-52 adapter (14x18)

BGA-152 adapter

Circuit Board adapter

USB 2.0 Defender Cable

Connectors Set

PC-3000 Flash Software and User Manual

Interface to connect Flash-Reader: USB 2.0

Supported types of memory chip covers:

  • TSOP-48 N/W (is integrated into PC Flash Reader)
  • LGA/TLGA-52 [14x18] (is included into the PC-3000 Flash Kit)
  • BGA-152/132 (is included into the PC-3000 Flash Kit)
  • Circuit Board (is included into the PC-3000 Flash Kit)
  • LGA/TLGA-52 [12x17] (can be purchased separately)
  • TSSOP-56 (can be purchased separately)

Memory chip reading speed: determined by parameters of reading process and microchip architecture

Supported types of controllers and memory chips:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; х86, х64

Recommended PC configuration:
CPU: Intel Core i5 (Quad Core)
Storage configuration: RAID0 (strip) x2 HDD (7200 rpm) with total capacity of 1 TB
LCD Monitor: 22", 1920x1080

Adapters enhancing the capabilities of the PC-3000 Flash 

Due to the steady development of the technologies and the technological processes, NAND  memory chips are implemented in the new form factors and cases that meet the requirements of density and easy installation to the end devices. To work with the latest memory chips the PC-3000 Flash has the new adapters capable to deal with the modern cases. 

LGA/TLGA-52 (14x18 and 12x17) adapters

Adapters are based on the specialized ZIF panels, providing a convenient and secure method of installing memory chips. Adapters are fully compatible with the PC-Flash Reader version 3.0 and support the chips in LGA/TLGA-52 case. The difference is the width of the memory chip packages - 14x18 mm and 12x17 mm. It is possible to center manually a narrow chip (12x17 mm) inside the socket of LGA/TLGA-52 (14x18) adapter. The adapter has a power supply LED- indicating the voltage supplied to the memory chip.  

BGA-152 adapter

The adapter is based on the specialized ZIF panel, providing a convenient and secure method of installing memory chips. The adapter is fully compatible with the PC-Flash Reader version 3.0 and supports the chips in BGA-152/132 case. BGA-132 chips require the additional alignment, as their body is 2 mm less in the width. Two voltage indicators for every power circuit (core supply Vcc and buffer supply VccQ)  allow to monitor the power voltage supply of the every circuit using the additional power supply adapter.  When there is no such power supply adapter, both circuits are connected to the PC-Flash Reader.  

TSSOP-56 adapter

The adapter is based on the specialized ZIF panel, providing a convenient and secure method of installing memory chips. The adapters is fully compatible with the PC-Flash Reader version 3.0 and supports the chips in TSSOP-56 case. LED allows you to visually monitor the voltage supply submitted to the memory chip.

Circuit Board adapter

Now there is a high percentage of monoliths (Embedded Solution, SoC) where one physical package has memory chips, integrated controller to perform all the basic functions and all the passive elements. Thus, the only one external connector for such storage device is the interface connector intended for such drives (SD, MS, Micro SD etc.). When such drive is broken and it is impossible to work through the standard interface, you can get an access to the internal memory chips using the individual technological pin outs (if any), located on the monolith circuit board or soldering straight to the topology tracks of the circuit board when you have the information about pinmaps. To perform such tasks, a specialized PC-3000 Flash Circuit Board adapter has been developed, which is intended not only for the comfortable installation works and connection to the PC-3000 Flash, but also for the analytical work to define the output destination of the new unstudied chips.

The main features of the Circuit Board adapter:

  • All signals are buffered, eliminating possible parasitic interference of the readable chip. If necessary, the buffer elements can be turned off while the work with wired chip is carried out directly
  • Used buffers have double power supply, allowing to set the voltage level to read the memory chips or the monolith chips, independently of the main Reader. It enables to change the memory chips voltage supply, which in some cases can be useful to work with the "problem"memory chips, and also when the voltage value of the readable chip differs from the voltage value of the main Reader.  The allowed range of power supply voltage values for the readable chip or monolith drive is 1.2 - 3.6 V
  • Mounting place has enough size to put a chip which makes the operation easier and  the life cycle of the adapter is maximized. Each signal is repeatedly duplicated and the signal placement takes into account the characteristics of their usage
  • The adapter has LEDs allowing to check the state of all voltages involved in the adapter operation
  • The adapter allows to use any external power supply device as a power source for readable memory chips or the drive in the monolithic implementation.  In this case, the power supply management can be done in software or manual modes
  • The adapter contains all the necessary elemental and topological features to help you perform the pinouts assignments using the logic analyzer which is wired into the mounting field of the chip. In this case, all signals are buffered, eliminating the influence of the analyzer probes on the internal bus of monoliths
  • The adapter has slots for TSOP-48 and TLGA-52 chips, with the convenient location of all VSP pinouts which allows you to use the adapter for reading these chips which have specific requirements for work incompatible with the standard PC-3000 Flash adapters. For example, local heating or cooling of the damaged chips for better reading
  • The adapter has the implemented patch panel that enables the flexible re-commutation of the leads placed in the mounting field of the chip and PC-Flash Reader leads, without re-soldering the wired chip. It is useful when working with the analyzer when the pinout assignment can be changed repeatedly during the research process

Example of using Circuit Board Adapter 

Specialized resource is available for the PC-3000 Flash users - Monoliths library (www.pc3000flash.com/solbase/monochips.php), which contains a fresh updated database with the known output destination of the monoliths.
May 15, 2014 New version 6.5.1 of PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is released
New features are available NOW! They are the following:
  • New memory chips with the 16-8 JEDEC and the 16-8 ONFI type of reading have been added
  • New XOR patterns and ECC types have been added
  • New analysis algorithm for the SSS6677 controller has been added
  • the PC-3000 UDMA-E appears in the hardware controller selection while launching the Active Utility mode
  • New ability for adding the user's own ECC description has been added (recommended only for advanced users)
  • New mode for adding elimination based on XOR has been added
  • the ECC auto detection tools have been improved
  • New synchronization method of the "Block's sorting" has been added
  • Matching version mode has been seriously improved
  • A lot of different bug fixes and improvements in Kernel part of the PC-3000 Flash have been done

For all new users we recommend visiting our F.A.Q. in PC-3000 Flash NAND Forum, where you can find a lot of useful information about the PC-3000 Flash functionality.

All authorized technical support users can feel free to contact us for getting the latest version of the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition.

February 04, 2014 PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition has got a new version 6.4.2
New features are available NOW! They are the following:
  • New data preparation method of "XOR for page by page number"
  • New data preparation method of "Copying in analysis result"
  • New driver version which is setup automatically in new version of PC-3000 Flash setup *.exe file
  • New memory chips support
  • New features in Active utilities for SSD recovery
  • New database resources
  • Bugfixes and improvements
All authorized technical support users can feel free to contact u for getting the latest version of PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition.

November 25, 2013 PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition has got a new version 6.4.
New features are available NOW! They are the following:
  • Full support of Intel SSD drive based on Postville controller (with solution for BAD_CTX, BAD_FW and NO_FW bugs)!
  • New Active Utility for Toshiba SSD drives based on JMF616 controllers
  • Translator for SM3257EN controllers family
  • A lot of new XOR, memory chips, ECC, and other resources!
  • New preparation options for modern flash drives
  • New algorithms for reading problem TLC/MLC chips
  • Serious improvements and optimizations of PC-3000 software components
All authorized technical support users can feel free to contact us for getting the latest version of PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition

July 03, 2012 A new revolutionary approach for handling dead SSD in the version 6.0.1!

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