• Walmart Data Recovery Team
    Walmart USA
    ... We would not be where we are today in data recovery if were not for your tools and help.
  • Zoran Vasiljevic
    Mikrobit DOO Montenegro
    ACE Laboratory product is cutting edge technology in data recovery. But real value of ACE Laboratory product is professional, eloquent and useful support what make this whole service usable in real world. Pleasure do business with company with human face!
  • Daniel Milinovic
    I am very satisfied with the SCSI/SAS equipment. All your tools is simply the best on market and will allways be! Best support in the World! I will soon come and visit you again.
  • John C. Reid
    Compared with other data recovery products the PC3000 devices are very reliable, well documented and highly effective. Regular software updates provided by AceLabs ensure that the PC3000 is ready to handle the most modern storage devices. The support provided by the technicians at AceLabs is excellent.
    John C. Reid
  • Daniele Fabro
    DM Data Recovery ITALY
    Acelabs Products are undoubtedly the best professionals tools in the world. There are lots of different products for data recovery but ACE tools, especially PC3000 UDMA with Data Extractor, have no rivals! 

    Daniele Fabro DM Data Recovery www.dmdatarecovery.it
    We have been an Ace customer for 10 years, and now with the PC3K express which is the 4th generation of the product, having purchased and used firstly the ISA, PCI and UDMA versions, with each revision there are technological breakthroughs and advancements in DR technology.

    No other tool on the market comes close to the achievements of Ace products, both in terms of development and ongoing support.

    Many companies today would not function without this tool; it simply is the "must have" product.

    Thanks Ace!


    e-mail: RC@xytron.co.uk
  • Steve Cook
    East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd UK
    ACE Tools have become pivotal in the day to day running of our Data Recovery business. These tools prove themselves time and time again, and with an extremely short ROI. They have become the "must have" tools for any serious Data Recovery Business.
    e-mail: steve@eadr.co.uk
  • Luke Coughey
    Recovery Force inc. Canada
    When it comes to recovering data from flash media, we have purchased some of the best tools on the market and none have even come close to the succes rate we have had with PC3000 Flash. www.recoveryforce.com.
  • Arik Gart
    Chip Data Recovery L.t.d Israel
    There are lots of complementary products for data recovery companies but without PC-3000 unit recovery companys can not exist. PC-3000 has the most professional support staff we came across with, the reliability, dedication and a support team thet finds a solution to every problem. We, Chip Data Recovery Israel L.t.d, strongly recommend the PC-3000 unit and its products.
    e-mail: Arik@Chip.co.il
  • Michael Theriot
    We have used two competing products prior to purchasing PC-3000 SSD Edition. We have been able to solve previously unsolved cases with it. For existing PC-3000 UDMA users it provides a very powerful, useful and familiar interface to work with.

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