• John Wilson
    Dataquest International Ltd Portsmouth UK
    We have been recovering data for 20 yrs now and PC3000 has been an integral part of our process. Keep up the good work and support as usual.
  • Islam Merouf
    DataRecoveryEgypt EGYPT
    Using Ace Lab Tools now we are able to solve any problem with any harddisk and flash memory to draw smile on the customers face ..by recovery 100% for their memories and documents ..thanks for ace lab team and support 
  • Oladoja Bankole
    Exclusive Data Recovery Lab. NIGERIA
    PC-3000 has been so wonderful since we acquired it. It has being our first and last option, on all difficult cases. I really want to thank ACE for this wonderful product.

    Oladoja Bankole
  • Hugo Adrián Francisconi
    Recupero Datos ARGENTINA
    Our company has been using the PC-3000 for several months now, and it has made our job of data recovery so much easier. We are now able to recover more data in less time, and our clients are even happier. The online support from ACELab has assisted us on numerous occasions and we have enjoyed working with their engineers. This product has undoubtedly become an essential tool in our business, and we are grateful to have it!
  • Petri Rosca
    Data Recovery Guru USA
    We have been using PC3000 products for near a decade. Ace lab has been hands down the best data recovery tools provider in the industry for as long as we can remember. The tools are critical in having successful recoveries and ensuring customer satisfaction. If you want great results, then go to the best - Ace!
  • Mohamad Dayani
    Tisa Hard Clinic Iran
    Sincere thanks to state-of-the-art ACE Lab. products we've got the customers relieved, satisfied, and much obliged
  • Bader Alghamdi
    Lost Data SAUDI ARABIA
    Compared with other data recovery products the PC3000 devices are very reliable, it will make other product useless.
    No data recovery lab will be completed Ace products.
    Thanks Ace!
  • Nicky Homer
    We use PC-3000 and PC-3000 Flash on a daily basis here at Desert Data Recovery and they are invaluable tools to our business. The technical support and customer service from ACE Labs is second to none and we would have no hesitation in recommending their products. Many thanks for a great product and outstanding support!

    Kind regards
  • Walmart Data Recovery Team
    Walmart USA
    ... We would not be where we are today in data recovery if were not for your tools and help.
  • Zoran Vasiljevic
    Mikrobit DOO Montenegro
    ACE Laboratory product is cutting edge technology in data recovery. But real value of ACE Laboratory product is professional, eloquent and useful support what make this whole service usable in real world. Pleasure do business with company with human face!

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