ACE Company (Advanced Computer Engineers) was founded by graduates of Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in 1992.

By that time, one of its founders worked at the Rostov Research and Development Institute of Microtechnology, which was developing and manufacturing HDDs for the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR. Later on, most engineers-developers from this research institute went to work at ACE, and intensified their research in the HDD field.

Now, our company has over 80 highly qualified specialists. Most of our staff are graduates of the universities that are among the best in Russia.

ACE was the first in the world to offer professional HDD repair and recovery tools in the data recovery market, and since that time we have supplied the most efficient solutions for repairing and recovering data from HDDs: SATA/PATA/IDE, SAS/SCSI and NAND-based devices: SSD/Flash drives and other types of storage media.

Our flagship PC-3000 solutions have evolved along with the constantly changing nature of hard drive technologies. In fact, we not only have kept abreast by offering new data recovery technologies, but we have also anticipated them.

Here is a brief timeline of the ACE company history:

1991 Vadim Morozov and Andrey Tarakhtelyuk initiate the development of new technology for repairing HDDs and overwriting service information – the PC-2000 tester for HDDs with ST506/412 interface.
1992 "ACE +" company is registered. It specializes in manufacturing PC-2000 testers for HDD repair.
1993 During this period, intensive work on manufacturing and increasing the number of supported HDD models is underway.
1994 The company name is changed to "ACE" SPE Ltd. The first PC-3000 for working with IDE HDDs is developed. It works in a DOS environment and it includes only the universal utility.
1995 The first version of the PC-3000 tool is manufactured; it includes not only a universal utility but also specialized utilities for Western Digital, Seagate, Conner, Kalok, and Xebec HDDs.
1996 A new direction begins for ACE: manufacturing of automotive equipment for diagnosing injection engine.
1998 The number of specialized utilities in the PC-3000 is increased from 5 to 20. The PC-3000 supports the most popular HDDs on the market.
1999 Incredible increase in demand for HDD repair equipment in Russia.
2000 The new PC-3000 PRO tester-board and the first version of the Data Extractor are developed. The PC-3000 PRO has two switchable IDE ports.
2001 The first products – the "AUTOAC-Profi" for automotive engine diagnostics and the "AUTOAC-2001" code scanner – are invented.
2002 ACE moves to a new building; total occupied area is increased to 400 square meters.
2003 The PC-3000 and the Data Extractor are introduced outside Russia on the foreign market and making a breakthrough in the data recovery world.
2004 ACE Data Recovery Centre builds its own "Clean room".
2005 The new PC-3000 for Windows PCI and the Data Extractor PCI products are released. The new PC-3000 PCI tester-board has two independent IDE ports.
2006 The new PC-3000 for SCSI hardware-software product for SCSI HDD repair and data recovery is developed.
2006 The demand for the PC-3000 for Windows PCI and the Data Extractor PCI is rapidly growing.
2006 We are firmly recognized as the WORLD LEADER in data recovery solutions.
2007 The new PC-3000 for Windows UDMA and the Data Extractor UDMA products are released. The new PC-3000 UDMA tester-board has two independent IDE/PATA UDMA-66 ports.
2008 The fundamentally new PC-3000 Flash solution for recovering NAND based devices is released.
2008 The new Data Extractor SCSI software product is released as an add-on to the famous PC-3000 for SCSI.
2009 The PC-3000 for Windows UDMA with the Data Extractor UDMA system sets the worldwide standard for professional data recovery equipment.
2010 Unique "MR-HEAD Shift technology" is developed.
2010 Global Solution Centre is launched for the PC-3000 Flash.
2011 ACE Consulting starts know-how data recovery training seminars.
2012 Celebrating the 20th Anniversary ACE. More than 70 people work at ACE.
2013 ACE Lab Europe s.r.o. is opened in Prague, the Czech Republic.
2013 The unique Data Extractor RAID Edition product for recovering data from RAID is developed.
2014 Release of the new generation of PC-3000 with the highest possible speeds and top efficiency: PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA-E, PC-3000 SAS, PC-3000 SSD.
The Japanese version of the PC-3000 products is launched.
2015 The training center on the basis of ACE Lab Europe s.r.o. is opened in Prague.PC-3000 Flash ver.4 is released.
The Chinese version of the PC-3000 products is launched.
2016 Grand opening of the new Office and Europe's biggest Data Recovery Training Center in Prague.
Breakthrough in recovering data from Seagate Self-Encrypting Drives.
The range of training course is updated. The new unique training on RAID data recovery is introduced.
2017 Celebration of ACE Lab's 25th Anniversary. Presentation of Spider Board - the revolutionary technology for monolith data recovery.
Renewed PC-3000 Express rev.2.0 is released. Easy mode in PC-3000 is introduced.
ACE Lab Europe has earned ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

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