01, 2012

Letter of Information to all North American customers

ACE Laboratory, has been beneficially working with North American customers through our North American distributor, Deepspar company, for many years. Our company is distinguished by our commitment to excellence in everything we do, supporting progress in every step. From now on, all North American customers will get direct support and can buy all PC-3000 products from the vendor - ACE Laboratory.

Every customer who bought PC-3000 remain highly appreciated user and nobody should feel any inconveniences because of any changes. We have prepared favorable conditions which will help all users from the USA and Canada get many advantages from their new status.

Now all customers from the USA and Canada can buy any PC-3000 products directly from ACE Laboratory company. To get your quotation, you can e-mail sales@acelab.ru right now.

Moreover, all North American users who already have any PC-3000 products will get Technical Support directly from ACE Laboratory Technical Support department. Direct Technical Support from the vendor enables all PC-3000 users consistently expand opportunities for their data recovery business. Our foreground task is to help you handle as many data recovery cases as ever possible, so feel free to contact our TS qualified engineers already now.

Specially for those users who are in another time zones, we have organized evening-night shift: now our Technical Support service works from 10 am till 12 pm midnight (Moscow time, +04:00).

All users can get more information on Technical Support here.
Additionally, you can find there complete contact information of our qualified TS engineers and already now get the offered advantages.

If you'd like to receive a quotation, please fill in the form.
Our sales representatives will contact you soon.

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