04, 2012

Summer training sessions have been completed in ACE Laboratory

Attendees from almost all continents have visited training seminars held in Rostov-on-Don, Russia this summer.
They estimated the quality and efficiency of the new training programs which have been used since spring 2012. The main indicator is their highly positive feedback after passing training. And again it is very pleasant to hear how useful is what we are doing for our customers.

Our programs are made in such a way to give must-know ideas both for those who just started using PC-3000 and for those who have been working on our tools for years. As usual, we make our service comprehensive, focusing on many-sided development rather than just tackling one or several fields of knowledge.

Along with training on recovering data from Hard Disk Drives, training on NAND technology becomes more and more popular, because sharp-witted professionals look into future and prepare for it in advance. Those who are prepared for the demand have much more chances to succeed when demand becomes heavy.

We are thankful to all our attendees who took training this hot summer.

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