15, 2013

New training seminar based on PC-3000 Express

ACE Laboratory congratulates all our students with completing «PC-3000 Technology for HDD Data Recovery» and «Most efficient NAND Recovery Technology» training seminars.

We have reequipped the working places in our training class with PC-3000 Express and the latest versions of PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition. Conducting training on recovering data from Hard Disk Drives on the basis of PC-3000 Express, has given our students a chance to do operations and instructions from our tutors much faster and have more time for practical tasks, not to mention an opportunity to get acknowledged with the newest and most powerful PC-3000 flagship product.

One of our students said: «I am very pleased with the high tech contents of the training course I recently attended at Ace Laboratory, through which I have been able to experience more profoundly the techniques, implementations and solutions that the manufacturers of storage means do not supply us.»

Training programs have been updated according to the latest changes in our technologies and data recovery technology on the whole. New programs, new equipment and new conditions for participating in our training seminars are organized for you!

If you wish to reserve your attendance for the next new training seminars, please contact Kate kate@acelab.ru , Skype kate.bezborodkina

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