04, 2014

PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is divided into two products - PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 SSD

The PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is divided into two products – the PC-3000 Flash and the PC-3000 SSD. Each product is intended for one direction: the PC-3000 Flash for recovering data from Flash drives and the PC-3000 SSD for recovering data from SSD.

There are several reasons of such decision:

Today, SSDs more resemble HDDs, they are working through the technological mode, they have service area, firmware loaded in the service area, defect tables, translator and much more. At the same time, SSD technology is becoming more and more different from the methods and techniques of restoring the classical NAND based devices.

One more essential reason of such division is that you need a SATA port for working with SSD and the PC-3000 Flash does not have it. The idea to use and choose the type of the controller - PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA (PCI-E), PC-3000 Portable, PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) - when dealing with SSD which could work with the earlier versions of the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition caused the conflicts between the software of the PC-3000 Flash and the PC-3000 controller for HDD. You have seen it yourself when the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition installation disrupted the normal functioning of the already installed PC-3000 Portable, Express etc.

The idea to divide Flash and SSD makes the development of both products much more efficient and operation of both products much stabler. The PC-3000 Flash can be developed independently from the PC-3000 SSD and vice versa. 

Thus, the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition is divided into:

PC-3000 Flash - the hardware-software product for recovering data from Flash drives with the new enhancements, as we are developing the new additional adapters (BGA152, Power supply adapter, TSSOP-56 etc), including the Universal adapter for working with monoliths (CIRCUIT BOARD). The product is intended for recovering data only from Flash memory drives.

PC-3000 SSD - the software product intended for recovering data from SSD, you will be able to attach your PC-3000 SSD to the PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA (PCI-E) or PC-3000 Portable and recover data from SSD in the technological mode more efficiently than with any other product.

Unfortunately, we cannot organize the joint operation of the PC-3000 SSD with the old green PC-3000 UDMA (PCI). In 2006 when we were developing the PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) controller we could not even surmise how the data transfer protocol will be changed for SSD of 2012-2014 year models. Though we could arrange such operation for the first generations of SSD, now it is impossible to arrange the stable operation of the modern SSD with the old PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) when working in the technological mode. Neither controller, nor driver does not allow to do it. That's why the new software product PC-3000 SSD will work only on the new platforms: PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA (PCI-E), PC-3000 Portable. It will be sold and installed at the same principle as the Data Extractor software. When you start the PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable you will see the PC-3000 SSD icon near the Data Extractor icon. The icon will be active for those users who bought the PC-3000 SSD.

For all users who purchased the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition till the 1st of June 2014, the PC-3000 SSD will be given FREE of charge after the official launch of the product. To use it, you should tell us on which platform you want to install it – Express, UDMA or Portable- and give us a serial number of your controller.

The PC-3000 Flash owners who have only the PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) card, a free version of the PC-3000 SSD is also given, but they will be able to use it after upgrading their green PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) to the new red PC-3000 UDMA (PCI-E) or getting the PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable. All users of the Technical Support for the PC-3000 Flash will have special bonuses for upgrading their green PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) to red PC-3000 UDMA (PCI-E). If you do not want to upgrade your controller, you can continue using the old PC-3000 UDMA (PCI) and the software version of the PC-3000 Flash Ver. 6.5.1 which can work with SSD.

One more advantage of the division is that it will be easier for the engineers to master both technologies. Flash specialists can focus only on Flash, SSD will be easier for HDD gurus, as SSD is now closer to HDD technology than to Flash technology.

And you won't need to pay for the additional functionality of the Flash tool if you want to restore only SSD.
It will be easy to buy the PC-3000 SSD as this software will be available at the same day after the payment is done and there is no need to wait for the shipment when you have an urgent SSD recovery case from your important customer.

At the same time, the PC-3000 Flash will have more opportunities supporting more microchips due to the new adapters which will be available soon.

Keep track of the news about the new adapters for the PC-3000 Flash. 
The PC-3000 SSD is now under beta testing. 
More technical information is coming soon.

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