10, 2014

Increasing data recovery erudition

PC-3000 are so deep, highly sophisticated tools that provide many-sided efficient ways to recover data. And it is important to be able to use all the features which PC-3000 has, not just several methods which once worked fine. Here together with our PC-3000 guru you can learn those techniques which other users do not use or even do not know. The higher data recovery erudition you have the more chances to recover data when you have a difficult case and your competitors could not recover it.

If you want to make the most of your PC-3000, visiting training on PC-3000 and its efficient usage in the data recovery will help you to use more opportunities of PC-3000.

Besides getting the precious knowledge and strengthening it in practice, ACE Laboratory training attendees have:

  • one month of FREE technical support on their PC-3000 depending on the type of training
  • a DVD with the latest PC-3000 software version which maybe is not available to anyone else
  • official certificate of ACE Lab training completion

Recently the students from the USA, China, Cyprus and other countries have visited our headquarter training centre to learn the sophisticated recovery methods for the damaged HDD, SSD, Flash drives.

To know more about the training benefits, program contents and time schedule, you can contact our Training Coordinator Kate kate@acelab.ru

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