28, 2014

Rewarding the most active Global Solution Centre members

ACE Laboratory is thankful to all PC-3000 users for their efforts to add the new NAND solutions into our Global Solution Centre. We highly appreciate every minute of your time you spend to share your results. 

We have made a decision to nominate and support the PC-3000 Flash users who contributed their efforts to provide the numerous ready solutions for our Global Solution Centre.

The 1st-place winner under the nickname KuttingEdge who has added the greatest number of the ready solutions to recover data from NAND based devices, is presented with the most powerful Data Recovery product -  PC-3000 Express. The 2nd- and 3rd-place winners are presented with one year of free technical support for their PC-3000 equipment.

ACE Laboratory has already earlier presented the winners who had added the biggest numbers of solutions into our Global Solution Centre and we are aimed to support our most active users in future.  We want to iterate our heartfelt thanks to our users for their help and to each PC-3000 user who takes an active part in the development of Global Solution Centre. Working altogether we are extending the opportunities of handling NAND technologies and making the PC-3000 Flash more efficient. 
Very soon we will announce the new unique features to work with Flash drives and SSD.

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