• David Marques
    I use Acelab products for some years, and honestly from what I've seen until now, they are the best products for data recovery. The products (and I mean specially PC3000 UDMA) are very well designed, what is a very good advantage to other tools, as this way they tend to be easier to use and to understand it's several options.

    The tools are made by professionals who know what they are doing and that have some deep knowledge in a very difficult area. There are some very important and exclusive features that PC3000 has compared to other suppliers, like imaging head by head, send ATA commands to the drives, etc.

    Regarding it's tech support, I understand they are very busy people as we all are, but they make good efforts to help the users as well as to provide new updates in a regular basis with the new drive families and new solutions for known problems.

    So I recommend Acelab products as the best in it's area.

    e-mail: dmarques@drc.pt
  • Ryan
    Ace Labs is a highly professional company with kind and helpful staff. We have purchased a number of units from Ace and have found them to be exceptional diagnostic and repair tools for our digital forensics customer base. They are robust and powerful, and Ace is always available to provide support should we need it.
    e-mail: rjudy@ecryan.com
  • Philip Shaw
    Good morning. 
    I own a data recovery company in Maryland (USA) and I have had a PC3000 for a little over a year. I have had some cases lately where Dmitriy Chub has given me incredible tech support. The latest was this morning when he looked at a Seagate drive with a firmware issue that I could find very little about on the data recovery forums. He immediately new what to do and started unchecking flags in System Files and the drive came up perfectly. He then took the time to write out the instructions for me so I could do it without bothering your tech support group the next time. Dmitriy has always been very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite and you should view him as a great asset. I know I do.
  • Massimiliano Carosi
    I tried your new seagate method for 7200.11, it works on 7200.11 obviously... but also on seagate ES.2 series and on Maxtor series 22
    I tried now on a Maxtor STM3500320AS diamond max 22 perfect as a charme.
  • Alyn Jones
    We purchased our first PC3000 kit many years ago, and instantly recognized it as one of the most powerful Data Recovery Products commercially available.

    With support for a large variety of makes and models of media, an extremely helpful technical support team, constant updates and capabilities to repair a huge variety of media related faults, PC3000 is the number one choice for any Data Recovery Professional. I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to dealing with them again.

  • Mike Montgomery
    In total, we have 8 PC3000's. They are used on a daily basis including Data Extractor which is an excellent tool particularly for failing drives. Rather than get an image of the entire drive it is possible to extract the critical data first then concentrate on the less critical data until the drive finally fails.

    With SOME drives it is possible to switch off specific heads, image using the working heads, then do a head swap and image the missing 'stripe'. This can be good especially when small files (photos, etc) are required. If the new heads replicate the problem, at least you will have some data to present to your customer.

    It is also possible to recover drives with corrupt p-lists which can be done manually or automatically where you can build a virtual translator based on the shifts found.

    You can repair firmware on most modern hard disks, not all, but they constantly upgrade. The manuals fully describe how to do this for each manufacture and model range. If there are specific problems, they have experts in IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, Quantum, Hitachi and Samsung hard drives working at Acelab and they try very hard to find a solution.

    e-mail: mike@mjm.co.uk
  • Mr. Attila Szabo
    During our forensic expert work for the investigation authorities we often use PC-3000 for Windows UDMA and Data Extractor system.

    Among the lot of examples I name three:

    - to remove HDD lock because without this there was no possibilities to exam and clone the data content of it.
    (In this situation we got a lot and urgent help from ACE Laboratory support team, thanks for it!)

    - we examined the origin of a notebook supposed to be stolen and we could find the original firm OS of it by the tools of ACE Laboratory only.

    - to regain of the cancelled datas were evidences later.

    Thank you:
    Infolabor Ltd, Hungary.

  • Andy Liong
    ACE Labs products are indispensable tools for our company, not only that the tools are very capable in fixing and recovering customer's data but also they save valuable time especially when accessing the data during the retrieval process due to its speed performance that is second to none.

    PC3000 UDMA, although it takes time of getting used to this tool, once you are familiarized yourself with all the functions and tricks, it will recover virtually anything associated with firmware corruptions.

    Due to an extensive research by ACE labs and an ongoing updates this tool is keeping up with the current hard disk drives technology.

    PC3000 Flash, this is another fantastic tool from ACE Labs which is used to recover data from memory devices. It automatically finds and reconstructs data using specific algorithm regardless of memory device controllers.

    I speak highly of ACE labs because not only for their products but also for their after sales technical support and professional sales team.

    I would highly recommend ACE labs products when data loss is due to firmware corruption or other faults associated with hard drives.

    Andy Liong, Director.

  • Ciprian Enaru
    For the last couple of years I have successfully used ACE Laboratory products. Its ease of use is remarkable capabilities for data recovery from damaged hard disk drives or damaged flash drives. I am fascinated with the all equipments and services. I have also been impressed from the beginning of my relationship with ACE with the high level of customer support you provide.

    With warmest regards, Ciprian Enaru

    e-mail: office@qdr.ro

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