25, 2011

North American customers can get PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition directly from ACE Laboratory.

From this time onward the customers from the USA and Canada can get PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition without extra charges directly from the manufacturer.
Convenient conditions of getting these top quality turnkey NAND data recovery systems will facilitate developing flash memory data recovery for many companies who plan to advance themselves in the North America.

All these customers will have the quality ongoing Technical Support directly from PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition support engineers, which implies the comprehensive help until the data recovery case is successfully solved.

To get more information please feel free to contact the sales representatives:
sales2@acelab.ruthe USA customers
sales3@acelab.ruCanada customers

For those North American customers, who already have PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition, Technical Support is available:

Everyone who wishes to know more about NAND data recovery is welcome to our free NAND Data Recovery Technologies Forum

Those customers who wish to get more profound understanding and hands-on training from the very developers of PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition, are invited to "Most Efficient NAND Recovery technology" knowledge-sharing seminars available each month.

For more information about training, please contact:

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