14, 2011

PC-3000 Developers to conduct highly specialised «MR-head shift technology» Technical Seminars across the USA

First Seminar - San Francisco
Date: 7 November, 2011

Second seminar - New York

Date: 12 November, 2011

About the Seminars:
What do you usually do, if one of heads of Hard Disk Drive is damaged? Do you know how to virtually replace bad heads to good ones and get user data? Are you sure you are using forward-looking techniques in data recovery?
«MR-head shift technology» will explore unique alternative techniques how to smartly recover data without physical replacement of damaged HSA and how to make damaged drive «think» in another way.
Seminar outline:
If one of heads in Hard Disk Drive is damaged, the drive does not get ready state or forms dynamic part of translator incorrectly, as in a result you can't read user information.
The seminar presents unique «MR-head shift technology» that enables to virtually replace bad heads to good ones in drive RAM. Your drive will «think» that all MR-heads are good, will build correct translator and get ready state. After that, you can easily read user data on good heads. Moreover, this technology simplifies the search of donor drive and you can use donor drive with even another number of heads.
We will demonstrate benefits of this technology on three HDD vendors: WD, Seagate and Samsung.
Who should attend:
This seminar is targeted primarily at data recovery engineers, IT specialists, researchers, digital forensic analysts, network engineers and anyone engaged in Hard Disk Drive technology. Participants should have an elementary knowledge of Hard Disk Drive structure and preferably some experience in data recovery.
Keynote speakers include senior developers from ACE Lab company, Russia, known for founding the best professional data recovery technology under PC-3000 trademark, advancing it to the world-leader level and providing the most efficient data recovery technologies for more than twenty years.

  • alternative technology to mechanical works
  • simplified search for donor drive
  • lower risk of damaging surfaces with user information
  • optimizing your data recovery skills
  • less efforts for data recovery engineers
  • meeting developers of legendary PC-3000
  • FREE participation — Prior application is obligatory
How to Attend a Seminar
Seminar Applications should sent by e-mail to:
Alexandr Derkunsky

All applications should include:
Full name
Telephone number
E-mail address
Company name
Job position
Complete mailing address

Application deadline: 01 November, 2011

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Local US representative for all organization questions:
Gary Lapin
Phone: +1 440-570-8324
E-mail: gary@ascendtech.com

Russian headquarters:
Phone: + 7 903 434 5978
E-mail: pc@acelab.ru
Skype: dr.aleks2008

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