14, 2011

The series of «MR-Head Shift Technology» Technical Seminars is completed in New York! See more.

Many data recovery professionals from the South and North America, Canada traveled to New York to attend the «MR-Head Shift Technology» Technical Seminar, that was conducted by the core researchers and developers of PC-3000 Technology.

The objective of this seminar series is to explorer unique alternative techniques for intelligent data recovery that help data recovery specialists to expand their data recovery skills and capabilities.

The first part introduced the speakers and the contents of their research, and was followed by more profound examination of the technology itself and must-know theoretical niceties. The second part showed how to efficiently use this technology in practice by the help of PC-3000 instruments.

Our expert speakers impressed the attendees with organized and highly informative presentation and very helpful face-to-face discussions.

We thank all attendees of both «MR-Head Shift Technology» seminars for visiting us and devoting time to enlarge and boost their data recovery expertise.

Due to numerous requests, we plan to expand guest seminars around the world and especially in the North America.

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