01, 2013

The next decade of training seminars has been completed in ACE Laboratory

We start to calculate the conducted training seminars not singly but already by the dozens, as they are held more and more often now.

“PC-3000 Technology for Data Recovery from HDD” training seminar is conducted on PC-3000 Express Professional System taking into account its opportunities and novelties in recovering data from HDD.

“Leading data recovery technologies for SSD and other NAND based drives” is optimized according to the latest techniques available for recovering data from NAND based devices.

Along with updated training seminars, we have worked out the new program on Seagate data recovery for advanced users!

The first new training “Advanced Seagate Recovery Course” for the most advanced users was held on the request of our customers. Only advanced users could visit it. The training had a very big success, as our students had a chance to get the deepest possible knowledge on Seagate drives and recovering data from them directly from the best Seagate utility developers.
This training seminar requires the obligatory level of knowledge for attendees. Only those users who have not less than 2 years of experience in using PC-3000 UDMA and certain knowledge in Seagate recovery are allowed to this training.
We teach our attendees the most profound techniques in Seagate recovery, attendees are allowed to bring their own Seagate drives which they have problems with. The course is more practical, rather than theoretical, though we surely build it upon our know-how theory.

To know more about knowledge requirements, program contents and time schedule, you can contact Kate

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