19, 2013

New representative office in Europe

Over the last years almost all our customers have been dealing with us though our Russian headquarters.

Today we are delighted to announce the opening of our new representative office in Prague, the Czech Republic under the name ACELab Europe s.r.o.
This new location strengthens the ACE Laboratory presence and helps us to cooperate with our customers and partners at a new level, consolidating our abilities to deliver the full range of our products, services and opportunities.

Along with our major tasks - releasing the new most powerful PC-3000 Express system and introducing our new projects on which we are working now, - arranging quicker and easier ways of purchasing deals with us is one of
our aims for the nearest months. We are working hard to develop the most efficient tools for you and well-functional ways of supplying them to you is a must for us too.

Organization requires time, but we are committed to speed up the process. We are making all our possible efforts to work out the schemes which will finally help us to provide you our products at the most favorable conditions. You will be able to buy PC-3000 tools much faster, easier and even cheaper.

ACELab Europe s.r.o is located in Tesla electronic components factory in a convenient district of Prague, so it will be comfortable for you to travel there. In future we plan to conduct seminars, presentations and other important events using our European office.

Setting up a new representative office we are creating a solid, trustworthy base to ensure the most convenient ways to provide our products to you.

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