12, 2015

Spotlight on the "Monolith. Top-level Technology for Top-level Tasks." conference

The "Monolith. Top-level Technology for Top-level Tasks." conference successfully held by ACE Lab in New York on the 18th of September provided a fully operative solution for recovering data from monolithic flash devices.

Before attending the conference, our guests could not even imagine that monolith recovery can be much easier and much more affordable!

In the past, when you had to face a monolithic flash device recovery case, it could be really discouraging to know that it would require tremendous efforts and experience, especially when almost any action could damage the device forever. Most data recovery companies considered such cases as irreparable, taking into account that extremely rare engineering skills were required, expensive and complex equipment was needed.

The technology offered by ACE Lab is totally practicable and can be applied not only by the gurus who have years of soldering experience behind them but by any data recovery technicians who have just basic soldering skills and the equipment which is available to any data recovery technician.

The conference attendees have seen how to recover data from those monolithic flash devices which are worth recovering when there is no need to hire top-qualified engineers or to engage a third-party R&D laboratory to do this job. We showcased the most popular type of monolithic device – a microSD card with the latest version of technological pins (0.4 mm). We demonstrated the whole process of monolith preparing and soldering, starting with revealing the hidden pinout and up to the final stage when the monolith is soldered onto the PC-3000 Flash Circuit Board adapter for further data recovery.

The key thing is that the ACE Lab technology helps to minimize the chances of damaging the monolithic device, which is crucial when you are dealing the precious customers' data. We discovered a way to avoid all those common errors that had occurred before the new ACE Lab technology became available.

The universal and affordable technology presented at the ACE Lab conference in New York can be applied by any data recovery technician right now!


Read an ARTICLE - “How to recover data from a monolith (microSD card)” - the article contains a full step-by-step description, pictures, screenshots and a list of necessary tools. It shows how to prepare and solder a microSD card for further data recovery.

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