17, 2015

Free Blog, Free Forums & Other Ways to Master the PC-3000

ACE Laboratory provides not only the most efficient tools, but also the most professional package of services to help you make your first steps in data recovery and to master the data recovery art.

When learning to master the PC-3000 tools, you can use many ways:

  • Studying our detailed know-how manuals
  • Using our professional technical support service 
  • Visiting our in-depth training in Prague (the Czech Republic) and Rostov-on-Don (Russia) or booking the training in your office
  • Watching our videos on the YouTube channel PC3000datarecovery
  • NEW! Using our forums which now have FREE access
  • NEW! Using the free PC-3000 Support Blog 

We are glad to inform you that all the PC-3000 forums are OPEN and FREE for everyone now. 

At http://acelaboratory.ru/forum/ and http://acelaboratory.ru/pc3000flash/, you are welcome to chat and share your ideas with your peers, who have been using the PC-3000 for a long time. To read the forum threads, no registration is required. If you wish to add a post, please go through the registration on our forum and send your login and password to register@acelab.ru with an e-mail subject: "Forum account activation".


We are also happy to announce our NEW ACE Laboratory blog (http://blog.acelaboratory.com), where you can find the much-needed video tutorials and articles. 

The blog contains the most interesting materials about HDD, SSD and Flash drives, which are regularly posted by our technical support engineers. 

There you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as solutions to the most wide-spread problems which you face in your daily data recovery practice.

For example, PC-3000 Flash users can learn how to unsolder the BGA/LGA-52 memory chips. The users of PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable can find a solution to the SED problem in 2,5'' WD drives. If you are an owner of PC-3000 SSD, you may find it really helpful to watch the videos about different families of SSD. 

All current PC-3000 users, as well as those who are just planning to buy their first PC-3000 tools, are provided free access to the blog.

Comments and feedback on our posts are highly appreciated. 

With your requests to add new topics or case studies to be posted in our blog, please feel free to contact Roman Morozov, the Head of the ACE Lab Technical Support Team.

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