29, 2014

Japanese version of PC-3000 is launched

Our developers have completed a new localization of all PC-3000 products.

Right now, ACE Laboratory is proud to announce that the PC-3000 is available in the Japanese language.

We thank our official Dealer in Japan - Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd company which greatly helped us to release the Japanese version of all PC-3000 products and took care not only of the translation issues but of the cultural traditions as well.
The Japanese version of all PC-3000 products will be exclusively provided by Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd company within the next year.
We will add the new features which appear in the scheduled software updates into the Japanese version too.

Everybody who is interested to see the demonstration of the Japanese version of the PC-3000 products is invited to visit “Kumanan PC Net” booth at the biggest annual IT exhibition in Japan - 16th Data Storage Expo (DSE) on the 14-16th of May, 2014.

Information about the exhibition:
http://www.dse-expo.jp/ - in Japanese
http://www.japan-it.jp/en/haru/ - in English

Location: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

“Kumanan PC Net” booth: East Hall No.11-5

Contact person: If you have any questions about visiting Kumanan booth and seeing the Japanese version of the PC-3000, please feel free to contact Mr. Izuru INOUE by phone: +81-96-373-2213 or by e-mail: sales@pc-3000.jp

More information about this event in the Japanese language: http://www.pc-3000.jp/news/archive/20140428.html

All users from Japan are welcome to contact Kumanan company www.pc-3000.jp to get the Japanese version of the PC-3000.

ACE Laboratory plans to release the local versions of the PC-3000 in other languages.
If you wish to have the PC-3000 in your local language, please feel free to contact us by ace@acelaboratory.com

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